Duncan Continues To Dominate Atomic in FAST Rumble

The 2019 Ti22 Performance FAST tour champion and defending Atomic Speedway track champion, Cole Duncan, was patient from the 5th starting spot, and turned up the wick when the time was right. The Lockbourne, Ohio lead foot stalked early race leader, Jack Sodeman Jr, taking the lead on a lap 16 restart and never looking back.

Track promoter, Brad McCown, had the track in great shape for the $5,000 to win "Rumble In The Hills". A fine crowd of fans and 29 winged 410 sprint cars were ready for high-speed action on the hallowed battleground of the historic Atomic Speedway. Indiana's Brinton Marvel was quickest qualifier in group 1 with a 11.677 second lap. Duncan was the ARP qualifying overall fastest qualifier in group 2 with an 11.496 second lap. Jake Hesson was top qualifier in group 3 with an 11.842.

NAPA Auto Parts of Fremont, Ohio heat race #1 winner was Jordan Harble of Newark. The Helms Construction heat race #2 was won by defending FAST champion, Tyler Gunn, in a new ride for '21. Finally, TheCushion.com heat race 3 was taken by Jack Sodeman Jr. The MSD Ignitions B-Main was claimed by Bryan Nuckles.

The All Star Performance Re-Draw set the line-up for the 30 lap Rumble In The Hills. Jack Sodeman Jr would pace the field to the starter's green flag flanked by Jake Hesson with Harble and Gunn in row two while Duncan and Brandon Wimmer would come from row 3. Before the cars could even get lined up, Tyler Gunn rolled to a stop with a mechanical issue, forcing him to start from the rear of the field.

Once the field roared to green in the crisp evening spring air, it was Sodeman bolting to the lead. Early cautions plagued the event with a high rate of attrition. Sodeman continued to show the way with Wimmer second and Duncan third. A red flag flew on lap 14 when Ryan Ruhl hit the inside wall entering turn 3. On the restart, Duncan was able to make the winning move, taking the lead on lap 16.

With the field down to 13 cars, the later laps stayed green, allowing drivers to find a rhythm. The front running cars put on a high speed, rim riding, wall brushing crusade that would have scared Superman back into his phone booth! Altoona, Iowa's Austin McCarl, making his first ever FAST and Atomic start, found the fast line and charged to finish second in the Jim Muth, Running Boxer Farm 101. Snohomish, Washington's Gary Taylor piloted the Joe Seeling 97 to complete the podium and establish himself as the early FAST on Dirt 2021 championship point leader. Marysville's Jake Hesson used the turn 4 concrete wall as the berm he needed to power his way to an overly exciting 4th place run. Elida's "Mad" Max Stambaugh completed the top 5 finishers advancing 7 positions.

Defending tour champion, Tyler Gunn passed the most race cars, but his trip to the rear of the field nullified his hard charger possibility. Nevertheless, Gunn proceeded to put on a legitimately terrifying drive to the front in the Danny Williams 27, coming home 6th. Mitch Harble salvaged a 7th place finish after dropping out of his heat, being forced to run the B. Frankie Nervo had a smooth and consistent run to finish 8th. A last lap incident forced the race to end under red, and included 9th place finisher Jack Sodeman and 10th place finisher Bryan Nuckles who were the last 2 cars on the lead lap when the checkered waved.

The April 24th event that was originally scheduled IS CANCELLED. The next FAST on Dirt tour event will be on Saturday, May 22nd at the newly revamped West Virginia Motor Speedway. That event will pay $10,000 to win! Watch for more details to be released over the next few weeks.


FAST on Dirt

"Rumble In The Hills"

Atomic Speedway

Saturday, April 3, 2021

ARP Qualifying - Group #1: 1. 21-Brinton Marvel 11.677 2. A79-Brandon Wimmer 11.808 3. 5H-Jordan Harble 12.173 4. 6M-Kody Swanson 12.254 5. 60-Kory Crabtree 12.266 6. 21N-Frankie Nervo 12.307 7. 78-Todd Kane 12.312 8. 19-R.J. Jacobs 12.342 9. 9-Lance Webb 12.593 10. 83x-Nate Reeser 12.606

ARP Qualifying - Group #2: 1.22-Cole Duncan 11.496 2. 5M-Max Stambaugh 11.635 3. 101-Austin McCarl 11.704 4. 37W-Tyler Gunn 12.000 5. 00H-Hunter Lynch 12.182 6. 8D-Josh Davis 12.640 7. 40-Mark Imler 12.962 8. 08-Brandon Conkel 13.007 9. 37-Noah Dunlap 13.030 10. 4-Danny Smith 99.999

ARP Qualifying - Group #3: 1. 5J-Jake Hesson 11.842 2. 97-Gary Taylor 11.848 3. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr 11.942 4. 71H-Ryan Ruhl 12.140 5. 59-Bryan Nuckles 12.222 6. 15-Mitch Harble 12.315 7. 4x-Cale Stinson 12.726 8. 44-Charlie Vest 13.353 9. 27G-Cody Gallogly 99.999

NAPA of Fremont - Heat #1: 1. 5H-Jordan Harble[2] ; 2. A79-Brandon Wimmer[3] ; 3. 6M-Kody Swanson[1] ; 4. 78-Todd Kane[7] ; 5. 19-R.J. Jacobs[8] ; 6. 21-Brinton Marvel[4] ; 7. 21N-Frankie Nervo[6] ; 8. 9-Lance Webb[9] ; 9. 83x-Nate Reeser[10] ; 10. 60-Kory Crabtree[DNS]

Helms Construction - Heat #2: 1. 27W-Tyler Gunn[1] ; 2. 101-Austin McCarl[2] ; 3. 22-Cole Duncan[4] ; 4. 5M-Max Stambaugh[3] ; 5. 00H-Hunter Lynch[5] ; 6. 4-Danny Smith[10] ; 7. 40-Mark Imler[7] ; 8. 08-Brandon Conkel[8] ; 9. 37-Noah Dunlap[9] ; 10. 8D-Josh Davis[6]

TheCushion.com - Heat #3: 1. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr[2] ; 2. 97-Gary Taylor[3] ; 3. 71H-Ryan Ruhl[1] ; 4. 5J-Jake Hesson[4] ; 5. 27G-Cody Gallogly[9] ; 6. 59-Bryan Nuckles[5] ; 7. 44-Charlie Vest[8] ; 8. 4x-Cale Stinson[7] ; 9. 15-Mitch Harble[6]

MSD Ignitions - B Main: 1. 59-Bryan Nuckles[3] ; 2. 4-Danny Smith[2] ; 3. 40-Mark Imler[5] ; 4. 21N-Frankie Nervo[4] ; 5. 15-Mitch Harble[12] ; 6. 9-Lance Webb[7] ; 7. 4x-Cale Stinson[9] ; 8. 83x-Nate Reeser[10] ; 9. 21-Brinton Marvel[1] ; 10. 08-Brandon Conkel[8] ; 11. 37-Noah Dunlap[11] ; 12. 44-Charlie Vest[6] ; 13. 60-Kory Crabtree[DNS] ; 14. 8D-Josh Davis[DNS]

Ti22 Performance - A Main: 1. 22-Cole Duncan[5] ; 2. 101-Austin McCarl[7] ; 3. 97-Gary Taylor[8] ; 4. 5J-Jake Hesson[2] ; 5. 5M-Max Stambaugh[12] ; 6. 27W-Tyler Gunn[4] ; 7. 15-Mitch Harble[20] ; 8. 21N-Frankie Nervo[19] ; 9. 23JR-Jack Sodeman Jr[1] ; 10. 59-Bryan Nuckles[16] ; 11. 6M-Kody Swanson[9] ; 12. 4-Danny Smith[17] ; 13. 27-Cody Gallogly[15] ; 14. A79-Brandon Wimmer[6] ; 15. 71H-Ryan Ruhl[10] ; 16. 78-Todd Kane[11] ; 17. 00H-Hunter Lynch[14] ; 18. 40-Mark Imler[18] ; 19. 19-R.J. Jacobs[13] ; 20. 5H-Jordan Harble[3]


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