Dean Jacbos Scores Popular Win at Wayne County

Dean Jacobs led almost the entire 25 lap main NAPA Auto Parts / FAST on Dirt event at Wayne County Speedway Saturday night. Texas native T.J. Michael made it exciting with a last lap slider across turns one and two. Jacobs steered the McClure number 9 back by Michael who made contact wit the turn 2 wall, then pulled a wheelstand off turn 2. The action began with the 23 cars signed into 3 heat races. The fastest qualifiers in their respective groups were Jacobs, Cole Duncan and Russ Sansosti. Jacobs was the overall fastest qualifier with a 15.421 in group one. The NAPA Auto Parts first heat race was won by Tyler Gunn over Jacobs. Ohio Logistics heat #2 was won by Andrew Palker over Clay Riney. The Helms Construction heat #3 was claimed by Russ Sansosti from the 4th starting spot holding off T.J. Michael. Riney and Jacobs would bring the 23 car field to the green flag with Gunn and Michael starting from row 2. Jacobs wasted no time in taking control of the event and set sail in search of his first ever FAST on Dirt win. T.J Michael worked his way into the runner-up spot, but Jacobs had opened a commanding lead. The titanic points battle between Cole Duncan and Lee Jacobs played out right on the race track as the dynamic duo put on quite a display of car control sliding each other for the 3rd and 4th spots after starting from the 8 and 9 slots. With the laps winding down, Michael closed the gap on Jacobs. At the white flag, he was on the rear bumper of the leader and took his shot in turn 1 and 2. Jacobs mastered the crossover and drove back by to go on and score the win. Duncan held off Jacobs to complete the podium. Tyler Gunn capped off a very good weekend with the 5th spot. Danny Mumaw, Jordan Harble, Trey Jacobs, R.J. Jacobs and Chase Baker rounded out the top 10. The Bridge Restaurant of Sidney, Ohio's "Hard Charger" award went to Harble who charged from 22nd starting spot to get as high as 6th, but slipped off the backstretch, and fell to 7th at the finish. The Kear's Speed Shop "Hard Luck" award went to Max Stambaugh who was the first car out of the event with engine woes. The All Star Performance "Sweet Move" award went to T.J. Michael for the valiant last lap attempt. The nest FAST on Dirt event is slated for Saturday, August 17th at Sharon Speedway in Hartford, Ohio for another $3,000 to win / $300 to start event. Wayne County Speedway ; Orrville, OH FAST on Dirt (23 Cars) NAPA Auto Parts - Heat #1: 1. 68G-Tyler Gunn[3] ; 2. 9-Dean Jacobs[4] ; 3. 97-Max Stambaugh[1] ; 4. 45-Trevor Baker[2] ; 5. 16-Danny Mumaw[6] ; 6. 28-Trey Jacobs[8] ; 7. 45x-Chase Baker[7] ; 8. 5-Mitch Harble[5] Ohio Logistics - Heat #2: 1. 57x-Andrew Palker[2] ; 2. 38K-Clay Riney[3] ; 3. 22-Cole Duncan[4] ; 4. 20B-Cody Bova[1] ; 5. 3C-Cale Conley[6] ; 6. 70-Henry Malcuit[5] ; 7. 7DK-Dylan Kingan[7] ; 8. 22M-Ray Miller[8] Helms Construction - Heat #3: 1. 23-Russ Sansosti[4] ; 2. 8M-T.J. Michael[1] ; 3. 81-Lee Jacobs[3] ; 4. 18J-R.J. Jacobs[2] ; 5. 8J-Jess Stiger[5] ; 6. 7-Troy Kingan[6] ; 7. 21D-Travis Danford[7] Main Event (25 Laps): 1. 9-Dean Jacobs[2] ; 2. 8M-T.J. Michael[4] ; 3. 22-Cole Duncan[8] ; 4. 81-Lee Jacobs[9] ; 5. 68G-Tyler Gunn[3] ; 6. 16-Danny Mumaw[13] ; 7. 5-Jordan Harble[22] ; 8. 28-Trey Jacobs[16] ; 9. 18J-R.J. Jacobs[12] ; 10. 45x-Chase Baker[19] ; 11. 20-Cody Bova[11] ; 12. 45-Trevor Baker[10] ; 13. 8J-Jess Stiger[15] ; 14. 38K-Clay Riney[1] ; 15. 7-Troy Kingan[18] ; 16. 70-Henry Malcuit[17] ; 17. 21D-Travis Danford[21] ; 18. 22M-Ray Miller[23] ; 19. 3c-Cale Conley[14] ; 20. 23-Russ Sansosti[6] ; 21. 57x-Andrew Palker[5] ; 22. 7DK-Dylan Kingan[20] ; 23. 97-Max Stambaugh[7] The Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger" Award: 5-Jordan Harble +15 Kear's Speed Shop "Hard Luck" Award: 97-Max Stambaugh All Star Performance "Sweet Move" Award: 8M-T.J. Michael 



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