Conley win Hewitt Classic at Waynesfield

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Thursday, July 4, 2019 Contact: Brian Liskai By Brian Liskai WAYNESFIELD, OHIO (Wednesday, July 3, 2019) - Vienna, West Virginia's Cale Conley faced the possibility of not having a sprint car ride about two months ago as his former car owner decided to step back. Conley and his family put together their own team and it has paid off in a huge way. Conley got the cautions when he needed them to stay out of lapped traffic and held off several challenges during late race restarts and led all 30 laps of the NAPA Auto Parts FAST Series winged 410 feature worth $4,000. "The car was awesome in clean air...made my job easy. But I struggled in lapped traffic as soon as I got to some dirty air. I really stalled out and couldn't pick a lane. I'll take the luck with the cautions falling. I knew our restarts were pretty good. Jack Hewitt is a legend and all of hope to have a little Jack Hewitt in us. So it's really cool to be here and win his race. I want to thank Rick's his daughter's birthday today so we will dedicate this one to her. My niece was born yesterday. I have some really good momentum in my life right now...this is awesome. I'm living the dream," said Conley beside his Merchant Services LTD/AD Source Media backed #3C. The 11th Annual Jack Hewitt Classic Presented by GROB Systems was only the second event to be held at Waynesfield Raceway Park in 2019 under new promoter Shane Helms. A lot of improvements were made to the facility over the past couple of months including all new aluminum bleachers and new fencing. The event faced several hurdles including a lot of rain Tuesday evening. "First I have to thank GROB Systems, Buckeye Machine, North Baltimore Custom Cuts, LiUNA Local 574, K&L Ready Mix, Helms & Son Excavating, Kistler Racing Products and the Fremont Fence Company for all their support for this race and this track. Also we were blessed to have Jack Hewitt as a part of this. He was so gracious with his time with the fans and helping us," Helms said. "All in all we have a lot to fix as a track team. We were tested and we will get better. I can't thank all the look up in those stands and see that turn-out is amazing and very much appreciated. All the race teams coming out to support us means a ton. The future of Waynesfield is very bright." Parker Price-Miller and Conley brought the field to green for the 30-lap FAST feature and the pair ran side-by-side over the first hand full of laps with Buddy Kofoid, Stuart Brubaker, Stambaugh and Lee Jacobs giving chase. Just as Conley caught the back of the pack and his lead evaporated as Price-Miller closed, Joey Saldana crashed on lap 10. It was not a good night for Saldana to say the least, as that was his second flip of the night but thankfully he was unharmed. Now with clean air and a clear track, Conley pulled away when the green came back out. A Tyler Gunn spin on lap 14 kept the challengers close though as Conley pulled away on the restart with Price-Miller, Kofoid, Stambaugh and Brubaker still in pursuit. With 10 laps to go the car on the move was 19th starter Cap Henry who had charged to fifth. Racing again into heavy lapped traffic with seven laps to go, Conley and Price-Miller split a lapped car in turns three and four battling for the lead but it came to a halt when Aryton Olsen tumbled; he was unhurt. On the ensuing restart RJ Jacobs flipped and he too was uninjured. Once again with a clear track Conley pulled away on the restart and drove to the victory over Kofoid who used the last restart to drive around Price-Miller who had to settle for third. Henry and Lee Jacobs rounded out the top five. The next event at Waynesfield Raceway Park is Friday, Aug. 2 for the Rick Ferkel Classic. There will be FAST winged 410 sprints in competition and other yet-to-be-determined classes. 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Waynesfield Raceway Park Wednesday, July 3 Jack Hewitt Classic Presented by GROB Systems [*] denotes starting position FAST 410 Sprints - Qualifying 1.35-Stuart Brubaker, 10.720; 2.22-Cole Duncan, 10.740; 3.16-DJ Foos, 10.780; 4.6-Joey Saldana, 10.832; 5.70X-Justin Peck, 10.877; 6.4-Cap Henry, 10.925; 7.81-Lee Jacobs, 10.942; 8.71-Aryton Olsen, 10.955; 9.71PPM-Parker Price-Miller, 10.955; 10.20B-Cody Bova, 10.959; 11.11N-Buddy Kofoid, 10.961; 12.3C-Cale Conley, 10.968; 13.23-Hunter Schurenburg, 11.019; 14.5J-Jake Hesson, 11.052; 15.22B-Ryan Broughton, 11.066; 16.14-Chad Wilson, 11.074; 17.97-Max Stambaugh , 11.111; 18.12-Kody Swanson, 11.120; 19.68G-Tyler Gunn, 11.124; 20.84-Cale Stinson, 11.125; 21.5-Jordan Harble, 11.135; 22.20I-Kelsey Ivy, 11.211; 23.00-Thomas Messeraull, 11.261; 24.18J-RJ Jacobs, 11.267; 25.59-Bryan Nuckles, 11.292; 26.83X-Nate Reeser, 11.304; 27.3J-Trey Jacobs, 11.372; 28.4X-Bradley Ashford, 11.803; Heat 1, Group A - (8 Laps) 1. 16-DJ Foos[4] ; 2. 97-Max Stambaugh [7] ; 3. 68G-Tyler Gunn[8] ; 4. 22B-Ryan Broughton[5] ; 5. 14-Chad Wilson[6] ; 6. 3J-Trey Jacobs[10] ; 7. 83X-Nate Reeser[9] ; 8. 6-Joey Saldana[3] ; 9. 70X-Justin Peck[2] Heat 2, Group B - (8 Laps) 1. 81-Lee Jacobs[2] ; 2. 35-Stuart Brubaker[4] ; 3. 22-Cole Duncan[3] ; 4. 84-Cale Stinson[6] ; 5. 00-Thomas Messeraull[8] ; 6. 71-Aryton Olsen[9] ; 7. 5-Jordan Harble[7] ; 8. 20B-Cody Bova[1] ; 9. 12-Kody Swanson[5] Heat 3, Group C - (8 Laps) 1. 3C-Cale Conley[2] ; 2. 71PPM-Parker Price-Miller[4] ; 3. 23-Hunter Schurenburg[1] ; 4. 11N-Buddy Kofoid[3] ; 5. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[6] ; 6. 18J-RJ Jacobs[7] ; 7. 5J-Jake Hesson[5] ; 8. 4X-Bradley Ashford[9] B-Main 1 - (12 Laps) 1. 18J-RJ Jacobs[3] ; 2. 71-Aryton Olsen[2] ; 3. 6-Joey Saldana[7] ; 4. 4-Cap Henry[12] ; 5. 70X-Justin Peck[10] ; 6. 3J-Trey Jacobs[1] ; 7. 4X-Bradley Ashford[9] ; 8. 5-Jordan Harble[5] ; 9. 5J-Jake Hesson[6] ; 10. 83X-Nate Reeser[4] ; 11. 20B-Cody Bova[8] A-Main 1 - (30 Laps) 1. 3C-Cale Conley[2] ; 2. 11N-Buddy Kofoid[3] ; 3. 71PPM-Parker Price-Miller[1] ; 4. 4-Cap Henry[19] ; 5. 81-Lee Jacobs[5] ; 6. 97-Max Stambaugh [6] ; 7. 35-Stuart Brubaker[4] ; 8. 16-DJ Foos[8] ; 9. 23-Hunter Schurenburg[10] ; 10. 22-Cole Duncan[7] ; 11. 70X-Justin Peck[20] ; 12. 84-Cale Stinson[12] ; 13. 00-Thomas Messeraull[14] ; 14. 14-Chad Wilson[13] ; 15. 20I-Kelsey Ivy[15] ; 16. 68G-Tyler Gunn[9] ; 17. 18J-RJ Jacobs[16] ; 18. 71-Aryton Olsen[17] ; 19. 22B-Ryan Broughton[11] ; 20. 6-Joey Saldana[18] 



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