Sharon Speedway FAST Show to Duncan

Saturday night's FAST on Dirt winged 410 sprint car show at Sharon Speedway was "fast" for certain! Cole Duncan of Lockbourne, Ohio shot to the lead from his 4th starting position to lead all 25 laps in just 7 minutes and 45 seconds! Lapped traffic was the only thing that could slow him at all, allowing Tony Stewart and Joey Saldana to close in through the middle stages. Into lighter traffic in the final circuits, Duncan was able to put a little more distance on the runner-up, and the trio finished in that order.

With a make-up event for other classes, the Sharon pit area was literally overflowing with race cars. The delay at the pit gate even held up the start of the program briefly. Excellent work by track and series officials got the program fully completed by 11:30 with the sprint car A-Main rolling shortly after 10 pm.

Forty-three FAST on Dirt sprint cars were on hand, requiring 5 heat races and a pair of B-Main events to narrow the 43 entries to 24 main event starters. Fast qualifiers in each of the groups were Duncan, Dan Kuriger, Sye Lynch, Joey Saldana, and Tyler Gunn. Only one caution flag slowed the event during the five heat races. Heat winners were Dan Shetler, Dan McCarron, Carl Bowser, Saldana, and Brandon Spithaler. The lone caution flag in the heat races was for Ayrton Olsen, who made heavy contact with the wall in turn 4 in heat four.

The pair of twin B-Main's were also only slowed by one caution flag. Kody Swanson and George Hobaugh transferred from the first 10 lapper. Darin Gallagher and Mike Bauer made it out of the second B, which ran caution free. Ayrton Olsen, who made the wall contact in his heat, returned for his B-Main, then charged from 10th to 3rd but fell one spot short. He was the recipient of the NAPA Auto Parts "Hard Luck" Award worth an added $50.

The main event was paced to green by the front row of Broc Martin and Brandon Spithaler with a stacked row 2 of Saldana and Duncan. Row 3 found Dan Shetler and Tony Stewart. At the drop of the green, Duncan wasted no time finding the top of the race track and slicing his way to the point. Stewart and Saldana were immediately in tow. The leader would catch lapped traffic with 7 in the books, and the quality of the 24 car main event starters would make his journey difficult.

Duncan methodically worked through the slower cars and Stewart closed the gap. When the front duo were bumper to bumper in extreme traffic, third running Saldana was able to reel them in, setting up a 3 car battle. With less than 10 laps remaining, the three cars were nearly bumper to bumper setting the stage for an epic finish.

As the final laps wore on very quickly, the front 2 put some distance on 3rd place. Stewart was able to show Duncan a nose a few times, but clear of traffic in the final circuits, Duncan inched away to confirm victory with Stewart and Saldana completing the podium. The effort of the night may have been the run by Chad Kemenah from 14th to 4th to earn the Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger" $50 bonus. Rounding out the top 5 was Texas native T.J. Michael who started from the 10 spot.

The balance of the top 10 included Spithaler, Martin, Shetler, Lee Jacobs and Carl Bowser. Twenty-three of the 24 starters completed the race, capping off a very quick night of 8 sprint events, covering 85 laps of competition with only 2 yellow flags. A BIG thank you to the staff at Sharon Speedway for helping run a timely program. The next FAST events are Saturday, May 25th at Fremont Speedway and Sunday, May 26th at I-96 Speedway. We hope you will join us there.


NAPA Auto Parts - Heat #1 winner: Dan Shetler

Ohio Logistics - Heat #2 winner: Dan McCarron

Helms & Sons Construction - Heat #3 winner: Carl Bowser

Hoosier Racing Tire - Heat #4 winner: Joey Saldana

Precise Racing - Heat #5 winner: Brandon Spithaler

Performance Powder Coating - B Main #1 winner: Kody Swanson

Superior Bearing - B Main #2 winner: Darin Gallagher

Bridge Restaurant "Hard Charger": Chad Kemenah

NAPA Auto Parts "Hard Luck": Ayrton Olsen

All Star Performance "Sweet Move": Joey Saldana

Complete A Main: 1. 22-Cole Duncan[4] ; 2. 14-Tony Stewart[6] ; 3. 6-Joey Saldana[3] ; 4. K4-Chad Kemenah[14] ; 5. 8M-T.J. Michael[10] ; 6. 22s-Brandon Spithaler[2] ; 7. 83M-Broc Martin[1] ; 8. 29-Dan Shetler[5] ; 9. 81-Lee Jacobs[16] ; 10. 11-Carl Bowser[7] ; 11. 22M-Dan McCarron[9] ; 12. 33W-Caleb Griffith[11] ; 13. 08-Dan Kuriger[8] ; 14. 68G-Tyler Gunn[15] ; 15. 23-Max Stambaugh[17] ; 16. 40-George Hobaugh[23] ; 17. 12s-Kody Swanson[21] ; 18. 55-Gary Kriess Jr.[18] ; 19. 5x-Justin Peck[19] ; 20. 42-Sye Lynch[13] ; 21. 46-Mike Bauer[24] ; 22. 5-Jordan Harble[12] ; 23. 12-Darin Gallagher[22] ; 24. 23jr-Jack Sodeman Jr.[20]



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