Race Days Rules / Format


  1.  Race teams must be signed in and registered with FAST prior to the driver meeting.

  2.  Cars will be assigned to a hot lap / heat race group.

  3.  Up to 30 cars, the format will be for 3 heat races.  31+ will warrant 4 heats.

  4.  Cars will hot lap in their assigned heat race group.

  5.  Qualifying will be done 2 cars at a time for 2 laps each.  

  6.  At tracks who routinely single car qualify, we will use their procedure.

  7.  Qualifying is against your group only and sets the lineup for the heat races.

  8.  All cars should weigh after qualifying.

  9.  Any car who does not make minimum weight, time will be disallowed and you will start from the tail of your heat race.

  10.  If you fail to make it in your assigned group, you will NOT qualify and you will start from the tail of your heat race.

  11.  The fastest 4 qualifiers will be inverted in heat races.

  12.  Heat races will be 8 laps.  Number of cars transferring to the main event will depend on the number of heat races.  (3 heats = top 5)  (4 heats = top 4)

  13.  The top 2 finishers in the heat races will be eligible for the redraw for the front 6 or 8 starting spots.

  14.  The redraw for heat finishers 1 and 2 will be immediately after the last FAST heat at the FAST tent. (unless announced otherwise at the driver meeting)

  15.  The balance of the transfer cars from heats will be lined straight up from heat finishes.

  16.  The B-Main will be lined up by heat race finishes and will be 10 laps.

  17.  B-Main event transfers will line up in order behind heat race transfers.

  18.  The standard FAST main event will be 25 laps.  Some events may be lengthened.



                                                        Race Procedure / Rules


  1.  Once all cars have been pushed off, the order will be given by Raceceiver to form the lineup.  Any cars who are late onto the track will start from the tail.

  2.  We do not cross over cars. If a car scratches from the line-up, the row moves straight forward.  In the event the scratch happens prior to the lineup being posted, we WILL adjust it accordingly prior to posting it.

  3.  The front row of a race should approach the designated starting point together and fire side by side.  A cone or white chalk line will be used to indicate that point.

  4.  There is NO PASSING until you have PASSED the cone (or white line).  The race begins AFTER your row passes the designated starting point.

  5.   If the front row does not fire together cleanly, we will caution the start and the driver deemed at fault will be moved back one row.

  6.   If a car in rows behind the leader pulls out and passes prior to the cone, they will be docked 2 spots PER CAR jumped at the next yellow or at the end of the event.

  7.   Single file restarts will use the exact same cone as the original start.  The leader sets the pace and can fire in the vicinity of the cone, but you can not advance your position until you are past the cone.  

  8.   In single file restarts, there will be no yellow flags for jumps.  Offenders will be penalized at the next yellow or at the end of the race.  (2 positiions per car jumped)

  9.   In the event of a red flag, they will be CLOSED reds.  The only time we will go "open" red is in the event of a lengthy delay.  In that case, there are NO tire changes!

  10.  There will be a work area in the main event ONLY.  If you leave the track in a heat or B-Main, you are done for that event. 

  11.   Cars that report to the work area in the main event will be granted one courtesy minute in the event of a flat tire.  If there is no flat tire, there is no courtesy time.  

  12.  Once the car comes to a stop in the designated work area, the 60 second clock will begin.  Once that time expires, the push off lane closes after the leader gets the "one to go" from the flagman.  So you may get a few extra seconds to get that tire changed.

  13.  When the lead car passes the start / finish line getting the "one to go" no cars can be pushed back into the event.

  14.  We do not allow cars to rejoin the race after another yellow, even if a lap was not completed.  

  15.  We use the "no stop" rule which is pretty standard across the industry.  Cars involved in yellows go to the tail in the order they completed the last lap.

  16.  Cars involved in 2 yellow flags in any event will be black flagged.

  17.  Drivers must remain in their cars at all times.  Any driver who gets out of a car and starts an on track altercation is subject to being disqualified for the night and / or possible suspension.  

  18.  In the event a driver or team has an issue with an on track incident, please approach FAST officials in a calm manner and your issue will gladly be heard.  The FAST owner / promoter is always accessible on race days.  



May 29th
Fremont Speedway

May 29th     Fremont Speedway
June 26th   Twin Cities Raceway
June 30th      Atomic Speedway
July 3rd       Waynesfield Raceway
July 30th          I-96 Speedway